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Helping Veterans and First Responders find a place to share their story in the struggle against PTSD.

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Sara Correll - Founder of Power of Our Story

Sara Correll is a wife and mother of four sons who holds a Bachelor of Science degree from San Diego State University as well as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor Certification from UCSD Extension. Over the years, she has shared her time and talents with a number of non-profit organizations including San Diego Young Life,  The San Diego Rescue Mission,  The Salvation Army,  and has volunteered for many different projects in her community and fellowship.


Through her experience as a drug and alcohol counselor to homeless men and convicted felons,  Sara saw firsthand the effect of trauma and the outcomes when it is not treated. During this time, she became a strong advocate for veterans when one Army veteran shared his story.  Eventually,  through a variety of partnerships and experiences,  “The Power of Our Story: Coffee and Conversation” groups were formed.  These groups provide a way for veterans and first responders to share their story to find healing, community, and hope.  Sara's instructor at UCSD, retired Chief Petty Officer Paula Wold was a mentor in the arena of addiction and veterans, and consistently supported Sara on this journey of understanding and discovery.


“I learned that many veterans are suffering once they separate from the military, and are dying by suicide at an alarming rate. We lose 20-22 veterans a day to suicide.  I am passionate about helping veterans know they can have purpose and meaning again in their lives after transition, and that we can find healing in a healthy community.  Through hearing other veterans tell their stories, education and resources, veterans experiencing trauma will understand that their reactions are common and ‘normal” due to the abnormal conditions they have experienced. Veterans can also understand that isolation is the enemy, and connecting with others is the way to new opportunities, finding the healing modalities that are a good fit, and finding hope on their journey to finding freedom from trauma.”


As a survivor of suicide loss myself, I am strongly compelled to help others through the healing process in order to share hope, relieve unnecessary guilt and just be there.


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