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Helping Heroes heal through the power of their story.

Coffee & Conversation with ALL
Protectors and Caring Bridge Builders

You are NOT broken.

You are responding normally to abnormal situations.

Find HOPE again.

We are a community of Protectors (Active Duty, Veterans, Active and Retired First Responders, and Caring Supporters) passionate about reducing stigma and providing a place of safety in a no-judgment zone for those needing a community to process the journey of mental and emotional adversities from the job. Through storytelling and conversation, we provide a personal and unique platform to support the transition process, share inspiration, and encourage that empowering spirit to get up and continue the fight. We are a tribe that grows stronger together. Our stories deliver HOPE.


"I remember being in Kosovo & Macedonia in 1999. We were embedded into the civilian population. I was attempting to not show a threat to the population by keeping my weapon at my feet, however, always on the ready just in case.
This seems to be interpreted the same as we integrate into civilian life. It's tough for us to balance that same feeling. As we transition. This is a very vulnerable position."

-Anthony Ball

"I was a USAF First Sergeant deployed to a 'Non-Disclosed Location', standing outdoors with one of our newest LTs watching our junior enlisted train and chatting about leadership...Always thought it was a great pic, especially when considering the discussion/mentorship that occurred and the bond that was cultivated during that deployment."

-Kevin Bottino

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Don't Suffer Alone
Building Connection through Shared Stories
Giving Hope and Clarity
Real Veterans/First Responders with Real Advice
Battle-Buddy Focused
A Network of Protectors Driven by Heart

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